Private Fitting

The Made-to-Measure concept is the most popular, effective and affordable way to create your own suit. Popularized in the millennial, this technique has been refined and worked to offer a product of unsurpassed value and quality. When you make an appointment with us for your Made-to-Measure suit, you opt for a suit made just for you while enjoing the elegance and freshness of a Francis Mayer.

With the availability of the best fabrics in the world, you will be entitled to a personalized service throught the following three steps :

  • Choice of fabrics
  • Choice of design (assisted by our stylist)
  • Full body measurement

You will be entitled to a suit made according to your choice of fabrics and design as well as a perfect fit that will marry your silhouette.

Your will receive your order within 5-6 weeks. You must know that when you have participated for the first time in the making of your Francis Mayer suit, you will not want to go back to your old clothes. Dare to stand out by taking an appointment with one of our MTM specialist/stylist.